Impra Installer Elite

Founded by Joseph Valente, Impra Installer Elite is to become the UK’s largest independent installer network. It has been created with the vision to unite a large number of industry related trades and businesses under one association. The aim of this independent network is to allow us to share resource, connection, contact, business and industry links among our fellow members.
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Installer Elite Membership Requirements

As you would expect, we don’t let anyone become one of our elite new boiler installers, we are seeking installers who are committed to delivering a five star customer service. In order to join our independent installer network you will need to be:
  • Gas Safe Registered
  • Have full industry qualifications
  • Will do a Full System Powerflush (with a water sample taken)
  • To take pride in your work therefore ensuring the property is left to a high quality (all making good and removal of rubbish)
  • Install a magnetic filter
  • Install a scale reducer on all combis and unvented cylinders
  • Basic boiler wire ups
  • Reliability and time keeping on every job
All jobs are surveyed in advance by our team of specialist Heating Advisors and are in the private domestic market.

Impra Gas was founded in 2012 by Joseph Valente. We are a business with big ambition and are seeking professionals who want to help us deliver a service that focuses on quality, reliability, honesty, value for money and outstanding workmanship.
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