An annual boiler service is a very important part of boiler maintenance, especially if you want your boiler to last for a long time and ultimately save you money. 

Regular boiler services also ensure the safety of your household, as any blockages or leaks could be incredibly dangerous if left unattended. 

But what actually happens during a boiler service? 

A standard boiler service involves a series of checks that are performed by a qualified engineer who should be Gas Safe registered. If you're unsure whether your appointed engineer is Gas Safe, ask to see their Gas Safe ID prior to the inspection. Once you are happy to proceed, here are the following steps which should be included in your boiler service. 

Annual boiler services typically include:

  • Overall Inspection 

Your Gas Safe registered engineer should check your boiler to assess its overall condition. This includes checking the controls, checking for leaks, and looking for any clear visual faults.

  • Boiler Casing Removal 

Your boiler casing should be removed to ensure that everything is clean and running smoothly inside your boiler. The CO and combustion ratio to ensure they are running safety and not emitting too much carbon monoxide gas.

  • Gas Pressure Test 

This check tests the pressure from your boiler and assesses whether it is at the right level. A loss in gas pressure could stop your boiler working. 

  • Flue Check 

A flue check involves checking the flue is properly fitted and it is not blocked by any obstructions. It is vital your flue is not obstructed in any way, as this could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

  • Switched-On Boiler Check 

Your boiler service engineer may also check how your boiler functions when it is turned on. They may also tidy up or check your boiler for any limescale or debris during the boiler service. 

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