Gas Safe Registered

In order to work as a gas engineer, you must - by law - be Gas Safe Registered. The Gas Safe Register is an official list of gas businesses and individuals who are registered to legally work on boilers, cookers, and other gas appliances. It was brought in to replace CORGI in 2009.

The Register was put in place to protect the public from unsafe gas work and unqualified engineers. In order to join the Register, you must provide evidence of your competence in gas engineering; if an unregistered business or individual attempts to carry out gas work, they may be prosecuted for breaking the law and putting people's safety at risk.

How do you become Gas Safe Registered?

In order to get on the Register, you must first provide evidence of your industry-recognised qualifications. To see a list of accepted qualifications, visit the Gas Safe Register website.

Registration lasts for one year, so engineers and installers must renew their registration annually in order to stay on the Gas Safe Register.

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Our Gas Safe Engineers

Here at ImpraGas, we work hard to be a company that customers can trust - we want you to feel completely safe in your home, and so we ensure that all of our installers and service personnel meet the very highest industry standards.

All ImpraGas engineers have trained extensively, earned industry-recognised qualifications, and successfully joined the Gas Safe Register. Our Gas Safe Registration number is 542826.

Look for the ID!

When our engineers arrive to install or service your boiler, they will be wearing ID (including the Gas Safe badge) as part of their uniform. This lets you know that the people working in your home are trustworthy professionals who know what they're doing.

"You should always feel free to ask to see your gas engineer's ID before allowing them to start work. We will only ever allow qualified employees to enter your home - if there's no ID on display, it's not ImpraGas!"

Joseph Valente, Managing Director

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