Benefits of a new boiler

If your home's current boiler was installed years and years ago, there's a good chance you're missing out on all kinds of benefits afforded by recent improvements in boiler technology.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, a new boiler may come with any combination of the following perks:

  • Improved energy efficiency (saving you money on your heating bills)
  • Remote control (adjust your heating from anywhere in the house)
  • More user-friendly interface (makes it easier to change temperature, set on/off times, etc.)
  • Easier to find replacement parts (in the unlikely event of a breakdown)

Some modern boilers even run on 100% electricity, potentially eliminating your home's reliance on gas.

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Will a new boiler make my house warmer?

If your new boiler is of a good quality then it should heat your home more efficiently, meaning that it will use less energy to achieve the same temperature. This means that, in theory, you should be able to make your home warmer without spending any extra money on your heating bills.

That said...if switching the heating on doesn't make your home warm enough right now, it may not solely be your old boiler's fault. Here are some other possible explanations:

  • Poor Insulation - If your home is poorly insulated, heat will be lost more quickly, and this can make it very difficult to reach a comfortable temperature during the colder months.

  • Radiator Issues - If your central heating system works fine but one individual radiator isn't getting hot, this means that there is probably an issue with your radiator, not the boiler. You may need to bleed the radiator (to remove trapped air) or clean out the inside to get rid of any grime and sludge.

Will a new boiler improve my water pressure?

If you've been experiencing poor water pressure in your showers / taps of late, you may be wondering if replacing your boiler is the solution.

However, low pressure usually isn't the fault of your boiler. More likely causes include:

  • Stop valve not fully open (turn your stop valve anti-clockwise to make sure it's completely open)

  • Frozen or burst pipes

  • Other issues with your home's plumbing (a qualified plumber should be able to diagnose these issues)

  • Incidents in your local area (check with your water supplier to see if anything is affecting your area's supply)
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An annual boiler service is a very important part of boiler maintenance, especially if you want your boiler to last for a long time and ultimately save you money. 

Regular boiler services also ensure the safety of your household, as any blockages or leaks could be incredibly dangerous if left unattended. 

But what actually happens during a boiler service? 

A standard boiler service involves a series of checks that are performed by a qualified engineer who should be Gas Safe registered. If you're unsure whether your appointed engineer is Gas Safe, ask to see their Gas Safe ID prior to the inspection. Once you are happy to proceed, here are the following steps which should be included in your boiler service. 

Annual boiler services typically include:

  • Overall Inspection 

Your Gas Safe registered engineer should check your boiler to assess its overall condition. This includes checking the controls, checking for leaks, and looking for any clear visual faults.

  • Boiler Casing Removal 

Your boiler casing should be removed to ensure that everything is clean and running smoothly inside your boiler. The CO and combustion ratio to ensure they are running safety and not emitting too much carbon monoxide gas.

  • Gas Pressure Test 

This check tests the pressure from your boiler and assesses whether it is at the right level. A loss in gas pressure could stop your boiler working. 

  • Flue Check 

A flue check involves checking the flue is properly fitted and it is not blocked by any obstructions. It is vital your flue is not obstructed in any way, as this could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

  • Switched-On Boiler Check 

Your boiler service engineer may also check how your boiler functions when it is turned on. They may also tidy up or check your boiler for any limescale or debris during the boiler service. 

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Joseph Valente, now 26 years of age, has come a long way from being someone else's apprentice. From founding his own business to winning The BBC Apprentice in 2015 and entering into a business partnership with Lord Sugar, Joseph's philosophy in all of his endeavours is always to create, maintain and grow. You can't wait for opportunities - you have to create them!

Joseph created his very own opportunity at the age of 16, securing an apprenticeship with a local plumbing company by offering to work for them for free in order to acquire and hone his skills on the job. He knocked on the door of his next opportunity when he took out a loan, went back to college, and qualified as a gas engineer. At the age of 22, Joseph set up ImpraGas, and he spent the company's early years working alongside local estate agents and building up fantastic business relationships by carrying out the maintenance work on all of their managed properties. The business grew from just Joseph and his van to a team 7 engineers, a fleet of vans, and a fully-staffed office. Joseph wasn't going to stop there, though - having been inspired by reading Lord Sugar's autobiography, he decided that he was going to seize another opportunity by applying for the 2015 series of The BBC Apprentice. He managed to beat over 60,000 other applicants and made it onto the BBC show.

Going on the show was a massive risk for Joseph and his business, as he knew he couldn't have any contact with anyone in or out of work for 2 whole months. However, he believed in himself enough to know that he could win, and win he did! Not only did Joseph win a £250,000 investment for his business, he also won the right to call Lord Sugar his business partner and mentor, giving him access to a wealth of knowledge and support. ImpraGas has now expanded to 15 employees and has built a solid foundation in new, larger offices. Joseph is now ready to take the business nationwide by expanding his workforce of engineers, and he is very excited for what the future holds.

Joseph Valente and Lord Sugar

Joseph is passionate about the heating and plumbing industry, and he has set up connections with local schools to bring on apprentices, providing them with the support they need in a work-based environment. Joseph believes that anyone can make a success of becoming a plumber or heating engineer if they are prepared to work hard, persevere, look for those opportunities, and keep building towards their goals.

Looking to the future, Joseph is focused on developing not only his business but also his Installer Elite network. Installer Elite is the UK's largest independent installer network, offering your company an association with a nationally-recognised brand of engineers, manufacturers, product designers, main contractors, and other associated business services. This organisation gives you all of the benefits that larger companies in this industry benefit from while also allowing smaller organisations to unite under one banner to become one voice.

Energy Efficient Boiler

"Why do I need an energy-efficient boiler?"

The answer to this question is very simple, especially when you realise that heating accounts for about 60 per cent of what you spend each year on energy bills! Installing a new, energy-efficient boiler will make a big difference to your costs; the exact saving will depend on how old and inefficient your existing boiler is and the type of fuel it uses, but upgrading tends to save up to £350 per year.

Your typical new boiler will come with a warranty lasting anywhere from 5-10 years. Newer, more energy-efficient boilers are mainly compact units with internal components, giving you total peace of mind that anything within the unit itself will be fully guaranteed (again saving you money on your investment).

Modern condensing boilers convert significantly more gas into heat, thereby reducing waste. Not only does this mean lower bills (as this extra heat is recovered and recycled), it also allows you to give something back to the environment by cutting down your CO2 emissions.

Your boiler may be the single most important item in your home - particularly around winter - so when it comes to a boiler replacement, it's essential to get not only the right product but also the right installer. Your boiler is an investment, and if you choose a new, energy-efficient boiler, then over the years this investment will pay for itself. Make sure you have a service plan to check the reliability, safety and efficiency of your boiler as time goes by.

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