Boiler Care Guide

Having problems with your boiler? Read our boiler care tips below to solve a variety of common issues and error codes, or contact for further boiler troubleshooting advice.
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Low Pressure

(Advice for error codes Vaillant F22, Ideal F1 and Worcester A1)
Do you have low pressure or a low pressure error code showing up on your boiler?
Establish which type of filling loop you have - is it built into the boiler or external from the boiler?
Operate the filling loop by opening the valve(s) slightly, allowing the water to flow into the system. Increase the pressure to 1.5 then shut off the valve(s).
Depending on your boiler, the following video from Vaillant may be helpful.
Filling a system with built-in controls:

Frozen Condensate

(Advice for the following boiler error codes: Vaillant F77, Ideal L2 and Worcester EA)
Use hot, not boiling water, and pour this onto the condensate pipe.
Repeat until the blockage has been cleared.
Reset your boiler.
Helpful boiler care videos from Worcester and Ideal:
Worcester: Thawing & Prevention
Ideal: How to Defrost a Frozen Condensate Pipe

How to Bleed Your Radiator

(Advice for error codes Vaillant F22, Ideal F1 or Worcester A1)
Is your radiator cold on the top? This requires bleeding – follow the steps below.
Use a bleed key and open up the bleed vent on the radiator slightly (not fully).
Air will rush out.
Keep the vent slightly open until water runs out (use some tissue or an old rag to catch the water). Don’t open the vent fully.
If you have a pressurised system, you will need to top up the pressure to 1.5 bar. Follow the steps under ‘Low Pressure’ above.
If your radiators are still not working, call us on 0333 00 900 90 and we will send an engineer to look at this.
Radiator Issues

Other Radiator Issues

Radiator not working? Follow the steps below to see if you can fix it yourself!
Check radiator valves are open.
Thermostatic radiator valves have numbers on them – make sure the number is higher than 1, and keep turning this up until you are happy with the temperature.
Lock shield valves must be turned left to open them. If they will not turn, they are fully open.
Check the radiator has been bled using the steps under ‘How to Bleed Your Radiator’ above.
Still having heating problems? It could be an airlock:
  • Make sure the valves are open on the boiler
  • Make sure you have tried to bleed it
  • Turn off all other radiators in the system
  • You may hear a gurgling sound
Radiator Issues

Emergency Contact Numbers

If you are still experiencing boiler problems, the following numbers may be useful:
national grid
If you smell gas or suspect you have a gas leak, please contact National Grid on 0800 001 999
If you are seeing an error code on Vaillant boiler display, please contact them on 0344 736 0049 or alternatively visit
ideal boilers
If your Ideal boiler display is showing an error code, please contact them on 01482 498663 or alternatively visit
If you are seeing an error code on your Worcester boiler display, please contact them on 0330 123 3366 or alternatively visit
salus controls
If you are having issues with your Salus controls and require technical assistance, you can contact them on 01226 323961 or visit their website
If you are having issues with you Nest controls and require technical assistance, you can contact them on 08081 692307 or alternatively visit