Should I replace my boiler?

Are you heating your home with a broken or obsolete boiler? If you’re struggling to get the most out of your current boiler, it may be time to replace it.
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A good boiler should last between 10 to 15 years, so it’s an investment worth thinking about. If your current boiler was installed over a decade ago, you may actually be missing out on some of the benefits that new boilers have. Generally speaking, new boilers:
Generally speaking, new boilers:
Use less energy
Heat up the home more quickly
Cost less to run
Are easier to use

How much will I save?

Heating costs make up the largest chunk of the average household’s energy bill, so a modern, energy-efficient boiler could well make a huge difference to your monthly spend.

Use the tool to estimate how much you could save each year by upgrading to an A-rated boiler (please note that these figures are rough estimates only – we cannot guarantee that you will save this much by replacing your boiler):

Source: (data for England, Scotland and Wales)

Please note that your yearly savings will depend on a number of factors, including how often you turn on the heating and how inefficient your current boiler is.

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You could save £55.00 per year

Should I replace my boiler?

Continuing to use an old or malfunctioning boiler can actually be a risk to your household. If you have noticed any of the following in your home, you should get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer IMMEDIATELY:
When to replace boiler
The smell of fumes or gas
Replace boiler
Feeling nauseous / light-headed or experiencing headaches when the boiler is on
Replace my boiler
Signs of soot, scorching or black spillage marks
New boilers are generally much safer and far less prone to gas leaks than their predecessors. The above issues are very unlikely with new boiler models.

You should also think about replacing your boiler if you have noticed any of the following:
Water leaking from your boiler
Strange noises coming from your boiler
Boiler failing to heat up or taking an unusually long time to heat up
Boiler temperature fluctuating
If you have notice any of these issues, you should contact a professional to help you decide whether it’s time to replace your boiler.

Need a new boiler? ImpraGas can help!

If you think you’re in need of a new boiler, we can help. We’ve made it simple for you to get a quote in seconds – visit our Free Boiler Quote to find out which boilers we recommend for you and your property.

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Once installed, your new boiler will need to be checked annually to ensure that it is still in good working condition (this is a requirement for many insurance policies). We offer a service plan with all the boilers we install, which means that in the unlikely event of a breakdown we can assist you within 24 hours at no extra cost.

If you want to discuss your boiler requirements with us, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.